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Experience the aesthetic beauty of handmade paintings for your home


Abstract painting:

Let your imagination run wild with our collection of unique and inspiring abstract paintings. Each painting tells its own story and adds a modern touch to any room.


Paintings for the living room:

Create an inviting atmosphere in your living room with our selection of paintings. Whether you prefer abstract works of art or more classic motifs, you will find the perfect painting to highlight your decor.


Art painting:

Discover the beauty that art paintings can add to your home. Our collection of art paintings ranges from traditional to contemporary styles and allows you to express your personal taste and style.


Putty painting:

Experience the unique texture and depth of our putty paintings. These paintings create a three-dimensional effect and add an interesting dimension to your walls.


Colorful paintings:

Give your home a fresh breath of color with our selection of colorful paintings. Whether you prefer bright and bold colors or more subdued shades, our paintings will bring life and joy to any room.


Structure painting:

Discover the fascinating world of structure paintings. These paintings are characterized by their unique texture and layered design that creates a visual and tactile sensation.


Modern painting:

Explore our modern painting collection that reflects today's artistic expression. These paintings are perfect for adding a touch of style and elegance to any room.


Canvas painting:

Our canvas paintings are handmade with care and carefully selected materials. They are perfect for adding artistic flair to your walls and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Art painting:

Whether you are an art collector or just want to add an artistic touch to your home, our art paintings will be the perfect choice. Experience the beauty of every brushstroke and detail in our artwork.


Texture painting:

Discover the tactile beauty of our texture paintings. These paintings add a sense of depth and dimension to your walls and create a visually interesting focal point.


Cheap paintings for the living room:

Make your living room even more inviting without compromising on quality. Our affordable living room paintings allow you to add art to your home without breaking the budget.


Danish design:

Our paintings are inspired by the Danish design tradition and produced with care and precision. Experience the Nordic aesthetic in our collection of paintings that reflect simplicity, elegance and functionality.


Affordable paintings:

Find the perfect painting at an affordable price. Our affordable paintings are handcrafted with care and selected with a focus on both quality and price, so you can enjoy art without compromise.

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