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Monochrome Paintings

At Art Copenhagen, we have kicked off the new year, with a collection of brand new, handmade, solid color paintings. They are all characterized by a fantastically delicious structure and a gradation in the colors, which makes them top-notch and eminent, to decorate with In the modern residence. The high artistic quality, the 10 beautiful colors to choose from, and the perfect tactile touch, make them a welcome "must have item".


Exclusive painting collection

All paintings are designed by Art Copenhagen's own artists and designers. Therefore, many of our paintings also have a coveted Scandinavian look and a modernity, which makes it easy to decorate and implement them in almost any home. The paintings are all individually created and painted, and therefore all unique. They are repainted after the artist's original painting, and since they are handmade, there may be small deviations from the original painting.


Decorate with real paintings

Genuine paintings will always make a difference in any home and decor. The handmade and unique will always stand in contrast and at the same time compliment and enrich any decor. Paintings help to create life and at the same time emphasize style and personality. Choose large paintings for large rooms and walls and experience the difference. Finally, paintings also have a positive impact on the acoustics of a home, as all our paintings are painted on canvas with a double blind frame.

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